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What are 3D Eyelash Extensions?

The principles of this technique are the same as the Classic way of applying extensions, however the application method uses 2, 3, 4, 5 even 6 of the thinnest, finest, softest extensions to every one natural lash. As this method uses the lightest extensions, there is no worry of the extension weighing down the natural lash or causing any damage to the health of your natural lashes.The Result? The Softest, more Luxurious, most Voluminous Lash look available!

With the new menu, clients are now able to choose the Volume they would like for their lashes! With traditional Classic lashes, we could only safely attach one thicker extension to each of your natural lashes – so the fuller your natural lashes are the fuller the extensions can be. With that still being the case (the more natural lashes you have the more extensions we can apply) our new 3D Volume sets now give even lash challenged clients
the option for volume they have never had before! These lashes are 3-6 times the volume of the Classic Lash Sets.

What's the Difference you ask?

'Classic' Lash Extensions: one extension that is thicker, darker, and curved attached to each Natural Lash. 1 to 1

'3D' Volume Lashes: using 3D technique we create a very full, voluminous set of lashes with ultra thin and soft individual extensions! 3-6 to 1!!

Which lashes to choose? Our 3D Volume extensions are brilliant for those with both great Natural Lashes, and those with Sparse Natural Lashes.

Sparse Natural Lashes: a very sparse set of natural lashes would be considered around 40 lashes per eye. With traditional 'Classic' Lash Extensions, that would mean you would also get around 40 extensions per eye. 1 Extension to 1 Natural Lash. With 3D extensions, lash-challenged clients with 50 lashes per eye, can now have around 150 lashes per eye! We create a 3D effect with thinner, lighter extensions to each lash! The result? Fluffy, Soft extensions that are light and full!

Full Natural Lashes: If you’re a client with full natural lashes (100-130 lashes per eye) with 3D Volume Extensions you will fall absolutely in love with this new lashing method. Instead of 100-130 extensions per eye before, with 3D you are going to have over 300+ fluffy, rich extensions per eye!

Another upside to VOLUME LASHES.

3D Extensions are easier to maintain than the Classic Single Extensions as the weight is distributed differently, too avoid low gravity points… also as they shed, you won’t notice your extensions thinning nearly as much as you have 3 -6 times more extensions! PLUS you are never "stuck" with 3D or 6D! That's the BEST thing about Extensions! As long as you are getting one of my new volume sets, you can swap between fills. So come get a Fluffy 3D set, and fill over the months. Then when that special event is coming up (birthday, Christmas, wedding) – amp those lashes up with a 6D fill if you want Hollywood Lashes!!

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