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Eyelash Extension After Care Instructions

It is very important to follow these instructions thoroughly...


*DO NOT get lashes wet in order to allow glue to dry thoroughly.

AVOID hot steam from the shower and sauna.

LEAVE THEM ALONE... be gentle with your new lashes.
Do not rub your eyes excessively.

Do not wear any mascara or use an eyelash curler.

These products will dissolve the eyelash bonding agent. Instead, use plain anti-bacterial soap and water . You may wish to use a Q-tip to gently remove eye makeup around the lash line. Tip of your finger with soap and water works great too. Q-tips tend to snag and shed.

The ingredients in this type of mascara will dissolve the bonding agent and your lashes will fall off.

*IF YOU FEEL YOU MUST WEAR MASCARA... apply only a "water-based" mascara on your lash tips, not at the base of your lashes. Application at the lash base may break the lash and/or create a clump of mascara in your lash line. We recommend using a water-based mascaras if necessarily needed to be applied.

Again, most women do not feel the need to apply any mascara at all. If you accidentally drop some powder on your lashes, simply remove with a Q-tip moistened in plain water in order for your dark lashes to reappear again.

Instead, use a heated eyelash curler sparingly. Prolonged heat to the lashes may cause them to come loose. If you like curlier lashes, let tech know and more curvy lashes could be applied.

"Touch-ups" or "fills" are highly recommended in order to maintain a full, lush lash line. They take less time than an initial application and are at a reduced price.


Salons offering this service for far less price than other salons are simply offering inferior products or service. You get what you pay for! This procedure is very delicate and takes usually anywhere from 1 to1 1/2 hours. You simply cannot do a proper application in less time. We use only the highest quality materials and have received extensive hands-on training (not from viewing a training DVD).

Some things you should know...

Eyelash Extensions provides newly invented eyelash extensions for longer, fuller, very natural looking eyelashes. Our lashes are made to look identical to human lashes. Using a State-of-the-art application technique, one lash at a time is applied onto the existing lash. Eyelash extensions transforms your natural lashes into lush, beautiful, longer lashes. Our lashes are for professional application only and the entire procedure is very comfortable and relaxing. Best of all our lashes are weightless and you feel nothing on your own eyelashes. They're water-proof and you can shower, exercise and even sleep with them on! Eyelash extensions provides breakthrough lash technology with incredible staying power that will last up to 6 weeks without a fill. All lash extensions are semi-permanent, lasting several weeks, and must be gently cared for.

Can my new Eyelash Extensions be removed?

Yes, at any time for any reason. They can be easily removed by our lash professional when using our organic remover.

With the "Goddess, X-treme lashes" your first application (Eyelash Extensions) at our salon is included. This includes a complimentary re-evaluation and fill in 10 days, since that is when you will be the roughest on your new lashes as you get used to wearing them. (This will include about 10 lashes per eye.) If more lashes need to be applied then an up charge will be added.


Eyelash Extensions by Tina uses only the finest lashes and adhesives for your safety.

*Great for special occasions and regular daily wear.*

*Eyelash extensions are weightless and are attached to your own eyelashes, not your skin, for a natural look and feel to give you longer, fuller lashes.

*No need for mascara or eyelash curler.

*Tinting your own natural lashes prior to the lash application is available.

*Since they are attached to your natural lashes, they may feel like they are "sliding away" from your skin. However, they merely growing out with your lashes, such as artificial nail enhancements grow out and hair color grows out. This rate is determined by your natural lash cycle*.

*You must receive a touch-up every 2-4 weeks to maintain the lashes, depending on your lash cycle.

*The "life" or "cycle" of natural lashes is approximately 45-60 days, where they are in a growing stage, then a dormant stage, then after which they fall out at intervals. Allergies, eye issues, excessive rubbing and tearing can affect the longevity of the extension.

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