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Testimonials of clients of Tina's.

I found Tina online while searching around for a new eyelash extension tech. I had recently purchased a Groupon online for discount eyelashes so of course I purchased it. I found after getting them done in what I thought to be a reputable company, after all it was on Groupon, I felt that I received less than professional lashes. I don't know if because I purchased the discount, the tech felt she could rush through me and give me mediocre lashes. They were so clumped together that there was no separation between them and looked like I just glued on some strips with super-duper adhesive from the store. I was so excited to finally get them done only to find they were the most horrible thing I think I ever spent money on.Then I found Tina. OMG, she was such a delight to work with and talk to. She was nothing like the last place I was at. She walked me through lash selection, what was right for me especially with my busy lifestyle. She told me how to talk care of them at home to make sure that I get the most out of the lashes in between appointments.What a difference on her lashes. Night and day. I can't brag enough about her. And just her manner and conversation, I felt like I was getting therapy and self improvement tips as well. I just adore you Tina. Thank you for making me beautiful!

One of my girlfriends recommended me to Tina after seeing her lashes. They were absolutely beautiful. So full and natural looking. The second time I saw my friend she had some colored lashes that were like highlights that just made her eyes pop. That was it. I had to try it. I am so happy I did. I can't say enough how my lashes have just totally completed my look. I wake up looking already made up. Thank you Tina.

Tina-Tina-Tina, I just can't rave loud enough about you. I am a red-head like you and the fact that you felt my pain of having red lashes and with no mascara on I felt like I was so washed out. People I would come across without makeup would constantly as if I were feeling ill. Not anymore! I always look like I have maskara on day and night. I just love waking up and looking in the mirror the first thing in the morning and seeing these beautiful lashes fluttering back at me. I feel like the line "they complete me". lol But they do. I am so happy to have found you. You are a hidden gem. I almost want to keep you to myself. Thank you for being you. Your wonderful.

My son was getting married over the summer and I have been seeing everyone with these long beautiful lashes and just wondered how these women are getting their eyelashes so long. Finally one day I was at the Macy's counter and this girl with the most fullest lashes that looked like her own. I asked her what she use or if they were strips. She explained they were eyelash extensions. She let me examine them and even being 3 inches away I could not tell they were fake. Then she told me about Tina. The artist. She happen to have her card on her and gave it to me. I called the next day. Tina got me in the following week for my sons wedding. I didn't know what to expect or how it would look on me but when she handed me the mirror all I could say is "beautiful". They were absolutely what I was looking for.The right length, the right thickness. Just made my eyes really stand out. Tina was amazing as an artist and a what I consider a friend now. I have been going to her ever since. Call her now, you won't regret it!

More testimonials coming soon.
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